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Minimalism is beautiful.

Form and function are one.

Design is the search for form.

Welcome! Wilkomen! Bienvenue! Shalom! Gutentag! Grüezi! Jambo! Hola! Здравствуйте! Bonjour! お早う! 你好!

Raison d'etre

Design solutions, not problems.

Motivate by design.



Heuristic (/hjʉˈrɪstɨk/; Greek: "Εὑρίσκω", "find" or "discover") refers to experience-based techniques for problem solving, learning, and discovery that give a solution which is not guaranteed to be optimal. Where the exhaustive search is impractical, heuristic methods are used to speed up the process of finding a satisfactory solution via mental shortcuts to ease the cognitive load of making a decision. Examples of this method include using a rule of thumb, an educated guess, an intuitive judgment, stereotyping, or common sense.



The concept of minimalism is to strip everything down to its essential quality and achieve simplicity. The idea is not completely without ornamentation, but that all parts, details and joinery are considered as reduced to a stage where no one can remove anything further to improve the design.

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dieter rams' 10 principles of design

Dieter Rams

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